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Seeedstudio - Solar Charger Shield v2.2

RM 60.50


  • Output Disconnect

  • Short circuit protection

  • 3W Output Power when connecting battery

  • Continuous Charge Current Up to 900mA

  • Battery status indication ( Red : Charging , Green: Charged )

  • Micro-USB Connector



The solar charger is a stackable shield to Arduino compatible platforms, enables adaptive battery power and act as energy harvester for in-field charging. You may use various batteries that has the voltage of 3.0V-4.2V to shift up for 5V output, or put on Li-ion battery and solar panel to form an autonomous sensor unit. The maximum current provided by the board can get up to 600mA. An usb connector is also useful to charge the battery.



  • Battery input voltage: 3.0~4.5V

  • USB input voltage: 4.75~5.25V

  • Solar input voltage: 4.8~6V

  • Maximum Output Power(with battery): 3W(600mA@5V)

  • Ripple voltage:<100mV @ 500mA

  • Dimensions: 68*53mm

Technical Details

Dimensions115mm x 75mm x 25mm
WeightG.W 42g