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Seeedstudio - Grove SPDT Relay (30A)

RM 45.50


  •  Grove interface compatible

  •  High Switching Current

  •  SPDT Relay

  •  Arduino library ready

  •  Normally closed relay


The  SPDT Relay(30A) is a high quality Single Pole Double Throw Relay (SPDT).The Relay consist of a coil, 1 common terminal, 1 normally closed(NC) terminal and one normally open(NO) terminal.When the coil of the relay is at rest (not energized), the common terminal and the normally closed terminal have continuity. When the coil is energized, the common terminal and the normally open terminal have continuity. This relay's coil is rated up to 5V and the contact is rated up to 30A (@250VAC, 30VDC). Use it to control AC appliances or high current DC devices.


Please exercise great care and safety precautions when working with mains voltages. If in doubt, contact a professional such as a licensed electrician for help.

Technical Details

Dimensions20mm x 20mm x 8mm
WeightG.W 37g    
Operating voltage4.75V~5.25V
Operating current185mA
Switching Voltage250VAC/30VDC
Switching Current30A
Pull-In Voltage(Max)3.75VDC
Switch on Time(Max)15ms
Release Time(Max)10ms
Operating Ambient Temperature-25~70°C

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