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Cytron CT-Uno SE

RM 59.90

Basically CT-UNO-SE is Arduino UNO R3 with special side connectors. CT-UNO-SE is exactly the same as CT-UNO, except for the side connectors :)

The CT-UNO combines the simplicity of the UNO Optiboot bootloader (which load program faster), the stability of the FTDI and the R3 shield compatibility of the latest Arduino UNO R3.


  • SMD ATmega328 microcontroller with Optiboot (UNO) Bootloader.
  • USB Programming Facilitated by the Ubiquitous FTDI FT231X (more stable).
  • Input voltage: DC7-15V.
  • 1A (maximum) 5V voltage regulator.
  • 500mA (maximum) 3.3V voltage regulator.
  • 0-5V outputs with 3.3V compatible inputs.
  • 14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs).
  • 6 Analog Inputs.
  • ISP 6-pin Header.
  • 32KByte Flash Memory.
  • SRAM: 2KByte
  • EEPROM: 1KByte
  • 16MHz Clock Speed.
  • R3 Shield Compatible.
  • TX, RX, Power, pin 13 LEDs are moved to edge.
  • Utilize USB Micro-B socket.
  • White PCB!
  • Special version of site connector (CT-UNO-SE only)